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Data-Driven Discoveries: Enhancing Tiny Earth Project through Data Science at UTSA

Published onNov 16, 2023
Data-Driven Discoveries: Enhancing Tiny Earth Project through Data Science at UTSA

The Tiny Earth Project at UTSA engages microbiology students in the discovery of novel antibiotics from soil microorganisms. However, the vast amount of data generated from this project presents a unique opportunity to leverage data science techniques and enhance the overall research outcomes. This project highlights the integration of data science methodologies to complement the Tiny Earth Project at UTSA, demonstrating the power of data-driven approaches in accelerating the discovery of potential antimicrobial compounds. We showcase how data science enables efficient data management, exploratory analysis, and predictive modeling, allowing for the identification of promising microbial candidates. Moreover, we discuss how machine learning algorithms and statistical analyses can be utilized to predict antibiotic activities, optimize experimental protocols, and prioritize samples for further investigation. Our project hopes to demonstrate that by synergizing microbiology and data science, the Tiny Earth Project at UTSA can greatly benefit from enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and discovery potential. This poster presentation aims to inspire further collaboration between the fields of microbiology and data science, encouraging a broader understanding of how interdisciplinary approaches can revolutionize scientific research and expedite the development of new antimicrobial therapies.

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