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Expanding Data Science Learning Communities Through an Interdisciplinary Approach

Published onDec 06, 2023
Expanding Data Science Learning Communities Through an Interdisciplinary Approach

Data science is a rapidly evolving field that requires a diverse skill set and a holistic understanding of complex problems. However as students are often confined to their respective disciplines retaining and attracting students in the discipline of data science is currently challenging for traditional classroom settings which often struggle to capture the interdisciplinary nature of data science. This paper explores the potential benefits and outcomes of an interdisciplinary approach to data science education within the context of living and learning communities (LLCs). By combining the principles of data science with the collaborative and immersive environment of LLCs, we aim to create a unique educational experience that explores innovative strategies for expanding data science learning communities through an interdisciplinary approach. By integrating data science education across diverse disciplines, we aim to create inclusive and collaborative environments that foster interdisciplinary learning, encourage creativity, and address real-world challenges. The design encompasses various components, including curriculum development, community engagement, technology integration, and professional development, to create a comprehensive framework for expanding data science learning communities.

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